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Item Ref #: 532 | Rosemary- Romarin officinal
Placed Outdoors


Rosemary, whose Latin name means "dew of the sea", occupies a special place in the repertoire of herbs used by cooks since ages.

Culinary Tip:

A handful of dry rosemary stems thrown on the embers of a barbecue enhances the flavor while grilling. It is also perfect to match it with the taste of summer vegetables and white meats.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow March to May in pots or planters in full sun. 
2. Transplanting: In the fall, replant the most vigorious seedlings in bigger pots or directly in the soil. 
3. Harvest: Gather the ends of stems one year after planting, from July to September. For best results harvest rosemary stems at flowering time.

Companion plants:

Rosemary loves the proximity of sage as their association is beneficial for both.