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Item Ref #: 508 | Chamomile- Camomille
Placed Outdoors


Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used chamomile for its healing properties, and to treat fever. In Western Europe, chamomile tea has traditionally been a family prescription after dinner. 

Culinary Tip:

Chamomile is used mainly in as a fresh tea with honey to remove its bitterness. 

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow March to April in pots or planters in a sunny exposure. You can also grow chamomile directly in your garden by putting a plant every 30 cm.
2. Thinning: At 6-7 leaf stage, pull the smaller plants and keep only the strongest plant per pot or 2-3 plants / planter. 
3. Harvest: Harvest the flowers before full flowering from June to September.  

Companion Plants:

Chamomile loves the proximity of onion as it helps in growth and increases its flavor.