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Item Ref #: 509 | Basi- Basilic Pourpe
Placed Outdoors

This plant, is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine adding to it a fresh flavor of lemon tarragon.
Culinary advice:
Basil is ideal to decorate and flavor salads, vegetables, meats and sauces. Some chopped leaves in a bottle of olive oil provide flavor seasonings. Basil leaves are very well preserved frozen so you can use them throughout the year.
Planting Tips:
1. Sowing: Sow Feb to March in pots or planters placed inside.
2. Transplant: When plants have  4-5 leaves plant into potsor directly into the garden April onwards. 

3. Remove emerging flower heads to prolong life. Harvest from May to October.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Companion Plants: 

Basil likes the proximity of cucumber as it protects it from mildew and make it more productive.