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Item Ref #: 952 | Mesclun (Mixture of leafy salads)- Mesclun
Placed Outdoors


An ideal mixture for making lovely salads consisting of lettuce (Oak Leafed 20%, Red Salad Bowl 20%), chicory (endive 15%, 15% Escarole, wild 10%), chervil (15%) and arugula (5%). 

Culinary Tip:

This combination makes delicious salads drizzled in olive oil with citrus or vinegar. 

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow in a sunny position place in fine rich potting soil from January to May and from June to July in shaded conditions. To prolong your harvest, plant contentiously every month from January to July. 

2. Harvest: Harvest from April to October.

Companion Plants:

The above combination likes the proximity of cucumber plants, they reinforce their respective health.