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Item Ref #: 922 | Lettuce Romaine- Laitue Romaine Blonde Maraichere
Placed Outdoors


One of the most popular elongated lettuce Varieties with thick and crunchy leaves. Resistant to heat, it is recommended as a summer-autumn crop.  

Culinary Council:

Romaine lettuce can be eaten in salads and also braised or stewed. 

Culture Council:

1. Sowing: Sow July to August in rows 30 cm apart. Plant Romaine lettuce in full sun.

2. Thinning: At 3-4 leaf stage, pull the smaller and keep only the strongest leaving a lettuce every 30 cm. 
3. Harvest: Water regularly to avoid bolting and to extend the harvest season. Harvest July to November. For lettuce in May-June, sow situations sun in March-April