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Item Ref #: 850 | Celery- Celeri A Cote D'Eline
Placed Outdoors


A variety with chubby perfectly round smooth ribs and an excellent delicate flavor. 

Culinary Tip:

Celery add flavor to soups and guarantee different sauces. It is also delicious in a salad with chopped tomatoes soaked in a mayonnaise.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow Feb to March in a tray with fine and rich potting soil. 
2. Thinning: If necessary thin your plants when they have 2-3 leaves. 
3. Transplanting: From May - June, plant them in the ground at a 30 cm distance. Celery likes a lightly shaded exposure.

4. Harvest: Harvest from Aug - October. 

Companion Plants:

Celery likes the proximity of cauliflower which allows it to absorb nutrients from soil more effectively and therefore increases yields.