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Item Ref #: 826 | Cabbage- Chou Couer de Boeuf
Placed Outdoors


This is a hardy variety, easy to grow, giving a large and dense head. Ideal as a spring and summer crops.  

Culinary Tip:

Head cabbage is excellent grated raw in salads or cooked in a stew.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow July – Aug in trays.

2. Thinning: 4-5 weeks after sowing, pull the smaller plants and keep only the strongest and space one cabbage/ 10 cm. 

3.Transplanting: When your sprouts have 5-6 leaves, plant them in the ground 40 x 50 cm apart. When transplanting, bury the plant up to 1st leaf allowing the development of additional roots for vigorous growth. 
4. Harvest: Harvest October onwards. 

Companion Plants:

Cabbages like the proximity of celery because it protects pests such as the cabbage butterfly who hate the smell of celery.