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Item Ref #: 816 | Broccoli- Chou Brocoli Green Romanesco Precoce
Placed Outdoors


A broccoli variety that is remarkable for the very special shape of the head. 
Culinary Tip:

Broccoli can be eaten as cauliflower. It is also perfect on the side to accompany roasts. 

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow in trays from Apr. to Aug. in fine, rich potting soil. 
2. Transplanting: Transplant when plants have 3-4 leaves. Place in the ground outdoors 40 x 60 cm apart- 5 to 7 weeks after sowing. 
3. Harvest: Oct.- Dec. 

Companion Plants:

Broccoli likes the proximity of celery because they protect them from pests such as the cabbage butterfly who hate the smell of celery.