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Item Ref #: 730 | EggPlants- Aubergine De Barbentane
Placed Outdoors


This traditional variety is ideal for growing in the field, and gives very beautiful elongated 20 - 25 cm vegetables with firm flesh form.

Culinary Advice: Eggplant is essential in vegetable stews but can also be consumed fried or grilled.

Culture practices:

1. Sowing: Sow under cover in Feb- March.

2. Transplanting: In April, select the strongest eggplant seedlings and plant them in the ground 50 x 70 cm apart.

3. Harvest: As of July start harvesting.

4. For a good fruit set, keep only the main stem and cut the stem above the first flower and let grow 3 or four shoots.

Companion plants:

Eggplants love the proximity of green beans because it protects it from pests such as flea beetles.