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Item Ref #: KOHL | Kohlrabi - Chou Rave
Placed Outdoors


Kohlrabi is an annual vegetable, and a cultivar of cabbage.

Culinary Tip:

It has very tender white flesh and fine flavor that can be eaten raw or cooked. To maximise their taste, pick your kohlrabi when they reach 7-8 cm in diameter.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow in the ground from February to May.

2. Thinning: If necessary, when you have 2-3 cabbage leaves, tear the smallest and keep only the strongest, leaving a cabbage every 10 cm.

3. Transplanting: One month after sowing, plant your cabbages up to 30 cm apart.

4. Harvest: Harvest August to November.

The Kohlrabi likes the proximity of beet because together they fortify their respective vigor.