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Item Ref #: 2425 | Pico Reel
Placed Indoors and Outdoors

Specifically for gardeners with patios, balconies, and small garden spaces.

  • Dual Usage- Whether you choose to carry the Pico Reel or leave it by the tap, the Pico Reel allows you to conveniently water your small garden space with minimal fuss or effort.
  • 10 Metres of Hose- Complete with 10 metres of hose.
  • Easy Rewind- The winding handle makes rewinding the hose a very easy, whilst the enclosed design keeps your hosepipe tidy and tangle free. 
  • Easy Storage- The compact design easily allows the Pico Reel to be stored out of sight.
  • Lightweight- The light Weighing ensures easy manoeuvring around the garden.
  • Non-Drip- The non-drip parking point means no risk of dripping water. This allows you to store the reel in your shed, garage or even indoors .
  • Complete with Multi Spray Gun- A 5 function ‘Multi Spray’ gun that comes with the Pico Reel ensures that all your watering needs are met.