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Item Ref #: 991 | Beans 'Marvel of Venise'- Haricot 'Merveille de Venise'
Placed Outdoors

Description:A Late variety with beautiful golden yellow, long, flat and wide pods. This bean variety is a very strong performer. 

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: In a sunny location sow from late March to June, in rows 70 cm, 4-5 grains in small shallow holes spaced 40 cm apart- Be careful not to bury your seeds more than 5-6 cm deep.

2. Mounding: When your beans are 10-12 cm, hoe and then add a bit of soil on the base of your beans.

3. Trellis: Stake using a pole about 2.5m heigh.

4. Harvest: Harvest June to September every 5-7 days. 

Companion plants: Beans like the proximity of the savory they will help prevent aphids.