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Item Ref #: 990 | Cucumber- Concombre Byblos HF1
Placed Outdoors


This variety produces beautiful smooth cucumbers up to 15 -16 cm in length with an excellente flavour and quality. 
It is a vigorous plant adapted to difficult conditions.

Culinary Tips:

Cucumber is ecxellent in salads with tomatoes and lettuce, or stuffed with tuna, cheese and chives!

Cultural Practices:

1. Sowing: Sow in trays in February indoors in a warm well lit location.

2. In March transplant to the garden and space 1 mx 60 cm apart. To maintain moisture mulch soil and water      regularly. Cucumber love sunny exposure.
3. Harvest: harvest from July to October.

Companions Plants:

Cucumber loves the proximity of lettuce and cabbage plants.