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Item Ref #: 642 | Leek- Poireau de Carentan 2
Placed Outdoors



This hardy variety is recommended as an autumn-winter crop. 

Culinary Tip:

Essential in soups, leek can also be eaten in salads, stews or pies.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow March-May in rows 15 cm apart. Leek love sunny exposure.
2. Transplanting: When your leeks are the size of a pencil, remove them from the soil and shorten the leaves and roots. Plant them in rows of 30 cm apart, leaving 20 cm between each leek. Be careful to push down your leeks to the base of the leaves. 
3. Harvest: Harvest from September to March. 

Companion Plants:

Leeks like the proximity of carrots because they repel pests such as leek worms.