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Item Ref #: vil 634 | Fennel- Fenouil de Florence
Placed Outdoors


This rather late variety will give you beautifull firm round white bulbs. 

Its delicate taste reminiscent of anise will add originality to your winter dishes. 
Culinary Tip:

Fennel is delicious in salads or cooked with gratin or stewed.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow March to July in rows 40 cm. 
2. Thinning: At 3-4 leaf stage, pull out small seedlings and keep only the strongest- leaving one plant every 20 cm.           Cover the base of the plants as soon as they develope to obtain those perfectly white bulbs. 

3. Harvest: Harvest from late July to November. For harvest from December to March, sow from mid July.

Companion Plants:

Fennel likes the proximity of turnips as the scent of fennel drives away fly turnip.