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Item Ref #: 536 | Celery- Celeri a Couper
Placed Outdoors


Celery, known since ancient times, originated from the Mediterranean coast. It was the Italians of the Renaissance that introduced it into our culinary world. 

Culinary Tip:

Celery is delicious in a salad of grated or chopped tomatoes soaked in mayonnaise. It is also added to flavor soups and different sauce.

Culture Tip:

1. Sowing: Sow Mar to May in pots or planters placed sunny to a partial shade location.

2. Transplanting: One month after planting, replant your celery selecting the strongest. You can grow your celery directly into your garden with a plant every 25 cm.
3. Harvest: Harvest from July to December. 

Companion Plants:

Celery can be intersperse with radish or lettuce that are harvested earlier.